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So a good friend of mine recommended this lovely company to me as she uses them, but what i loved about this company is that its run by a driven young entrepreneur named "Dean" who is younger than myself and lives in my old town. (Small world) So i was excited to check out his site and see what items he had after the good reviews from friends and other bloggers. 
As a blogger i was able to choose an item i would like to try out and review and was very kindly sent this *oily skin moisturiser. I chose this as i have still yet to find a moisturiser i love for my skin, that controls my skins natural oils and keeps my skin hydrated, moist and shine free as much as possible.

So after lots of friendly communication with the company owner my moisturiser arrived within a couple of days and first appearances were good. I liked that the design was very simple and that all the ingredients, use by date and directions were all clearly stated on it

A little bit about Purely naturals...
Purely naturals is a skincare company that aims to conquer the world by helping people to treat their skin naturally. Every item is handmade by themselves in the UK. They say that most of their products will work in perfect harmony with your skin after about 4 weeks, so that your skin can adapt to it. I have been using for for almost a couple of months now. All products are made with 100% natural ingredients and are suitable for vegans. They also have a skincare article section on their website that gives advice on different skin conditions which is very helpful. They definitely are a very passionate reliable company.

So lets see how i got on with the moisturiser....
Firstly i have never had any natural face products before this was a first for me. When i opened the lid the appearance was not what you usually see in a moisturiser, as most tend to be thin and creamy, but this is thick with a slightly sticky texture. The best thing about the consistency is that it lasts for ages. The use by date on mine is June of 2013 and i don't think i would use all of this up by then, seeing as you only use a small pea amount of the cream and blend it into your skin. So this is great value for money!! This is one of those products where you shouldn't judge on how something looks, it definitely felt different being blended into my skin than it did on the tips of my fingers. 

It took a while to get use to this moisturiser for me personally as i felt like i was putting a mask on, or an extra layer of skin at first. This is only because i do not usually wear foundation or anything on my face besides powder, as i like to be as natural as possible. I do tend to wear this moisturiser on powder days (which is most), but not when i wear foundation as i find even with a primer my foundation wont stay too well on my oily problem areas and i do have to use blotting papers throughout the day, but i did notice a huge difference in controlling my break outs with this. After a couple of months of use this is working way better with my skin and my skin feels soft and is glowing. As its natural it has no smell to it (though i admit i do like the ones with smells) i know naughty me lol.
I would suggest this to be a great moisturiser for males and for women who like to be natural with their make up products and have oily skin with issues of break outs. I'm definitely excited to try out some other products of theirs. In fact i just purchased their highly rated Oily Skin Cleanser, so i will be back with another update soon.

This moisturiser retails for £9.95 on their website
They currently have a huge sale on their products so head over and buy them at steal prices.

Purely Natural Oily Skin Moisturiser

Good value for money?
Yes, definitely!

Would I repurchase?
Yes, without a doubt.


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  1. it looks lovely! im a sucker for a good moisturiser :)

  2. Really great useful us know about the difference between the idea .Thanks for sharing this helpful tip

  3. I must try this as I have oily skin to! I have nominated you for the liebster award - you can see it here -


    1. thank you for the nomination ashleigh and i would recommend trying this, give it about 4 weeks to work to its full effect and enjoy :)

  4. Great in-depth review lovely :) I have oily skin so may have to give this a try!
    I've nominated you for the Liebster Blog Award :) The post is up on my blog-

    1. ooh you should def give it a try katie :-) i just invested in the cleanser too


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