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Ok so about a month ago i received some products from a company called Curl Harmony, Created by Nadine Anderson. I had never heard of them until i received an email and after doing so i headed over to check out their website.

I was amazed to see that everything is made from natural ingredients, and contain No Sulphates, No Silicones and No mineral Oil.

I liked how informative their website was and it even gives you help with knowing which products to avoid, which you can view here. I was excited to receive these and try them out. The Customer service/Communication with Nadine was very friendly and super efficient, shes definitely very passionate about her company which is admirable, not to mention my items arrived quickly 48 hours later.
Now when it comes to hair products i usually like to review them over several hair washes to get a great result and really see what it is like. Considering i wash my hair every 4-5 days i knew it would take at least 3 washes (almost 3 weeks) before i knew if it really works well on my hair or not. So here goes....

*Curl Harmony Intensive Repair Deep Conditioner

The packaging is nice and simple, i liked that and the consistency of the cream is really rich, it reminded me of hair mayonnaise but slightly thicker. The smell reminded me a bit of a hair relaxer, (it's not amazingly pleasant but it's also not really bad) and the smell is not overpowering with perfumes like other brands so it does not linger in your hair.

It contains Jojoba oil, Shea Butter and Coconut Oil (seeing those 3 ingredients i was instantly sold as they are usually the ingredients i look for) These 3 ingredients are fantastic for afro and mixed coily curly hair. Once applied to wet hair, my hair felt heavy/weighed down and i left it on my hair for 10 minutes as instructed and i enjoyed a long hot bath. After rinsing out I found my hair was not as soft as when i use my regular conditioners (These can be seen on a future post) but it did appear less frizzy which is always a bonus, considering i suffer with a lot of frizz and flyaway hair.

So i decided to give it another chance in a 2nd hair treatment and this time i wrapped my hair and left it on for an hour. After rinsing and having applied the curl reviver and allowing my hair to dry naturally, my hair looked good. My curls were more defined but not as perfect as i would like, but i think that is because my hair is mix in between at the moment, as i am growing out my curls after my last relaxing. I found using a good leave in conditioner and sheen spray helped manage it. Since my curls are not so defined (as i am still growing my hair out) i tend to straighten my hair on some days i want it down, and this conditioner is definitely too heavy for those days, but then it is for naturally CURLY hair.

*Curl Harmony Curl Reviver

I did feel like my hair needed moisture after conditioning and using the curl reviver but i feel that maybe the buttercream & leave on conditioner would have done this as my hair is so dry, but i had to work with what i had. The curl reviver smells really nice and is a nice water based consistency, its easy to work with and can be left in over night with your hair wrapped for a better result and deeper conditioning treatment. I would say this leaves curls a lot softer and more defined.

So i then decided to try the products out on my eldest daughters hair. As her hair is naturally really curly but also very thick and prone to knots and frizz.

As you can see it is very thick and this was left on my daughters hair for 10 minutes. She had the same result as me, her hair was not real soft but ...

....after applying the curl reviver and some leave in conditioner, with a good comb through it felt a lot softer.  It was bedtime and i did not want her getting a cold so i had to semi blow dry her hair (pic below) on a cool heat and this is how it turned out: her hair felt more weighed down and soft which was good.

But it was the next day i really saw the result, her hair was less frizzy and her curls were definitely more defined. Her hair appeared a lot less thick too, as her hair was weighed down more and the curls a bit tighter. It was the first time she wore her hair down without it puffing up into a semi afro. It was a brilliant result and she beamed with confidence that she could wear her hair down.

The Good Points: 
~ It helps weigh your hair down to keep curly hair less static, so its great at fighting frizz.
~ Its affordable for a deep (natural) conditioner.
~ It is packed full of natural ingredients with no perfumes added.
Curl Reviver
~ The smell is Amazing
~ It is water based and very soft on hair
~ Can be used as a leave on (wrapped) overnight for better results.

 The Bad points: 
The smell is not great (yet its not bad either)
Could do with more oils to give it a bit more softness and shine (but then i can get that from a leave in conditioner and sheen spray)
Curl reviver
No negatives.

The Intensive Repair Deep Conditioner can be purchased in 2 sizes from their website...
60 ml here for £4.95
and 250ml here for £14.50
The Curl Reviver can be purchased in  sizes also from their website..
60ml here for £4.50
250ml here for £12.95

Would i repurchase this? 
I would try the buttercream first but i would say i would highly consider it for myself but i would definitely repurchase for my daughter this worked like magic on her hair.

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Jamey xo

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  1. Sounds like they are good products, Your daughter has gorgeous hair :)

    Tanesha x

    1. Thank you Tanesha :-) Its gorgeous but a lot of work to maintain lol

  2. Your daughters hair looks lovely! All the products sound great and Im definatly going to check the website out! :D
    Thank you for sharing!
    Sofia x

    1. they are good affordable natural products, i definitely recommend the curl reviver but personally the tresemme and vo5 can do just as well as this as a deep conditioner, but then they aren't natural products

  3. This sounds perfect for some kinky curly hair extensions that I have. I'm always looking for some products to make the curls 'pop'.

    Fab post!

    1. well let me know how you get on with it hun, the lady whos company is is really nice too, always lovely when a company has great communication

  4. I love that the products are natural but not sure about a conditioner that smells like relaxer :(. Although if it conditions well then it might be worth a go. I don't usually wear my hair curly so the curl reviver wouldn't be for me but I may go and get the conditioner. It also sounds like it works a little better on hair that hasn't had a much processing, like your daughters :) xx

    1. Yeah thats what i think too, natural curly hair with no chemical treatments, the smell is not overbearing in the conditioner and fades once its washed out :-)

  5. For those individuals who have concern with their hair, they can consider reading eindianhair reviews to know the latest products. In this way, you can transform your hairstyle to a more updated one.

  6. The little girl is so cute. i have curly hair so I will try this product as I want to try something new. Thanks for the review.


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