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OK so here is my highly asked for Mascara post, i wanted to say a few things to my lovely readers. Firstly i want to thank all of you who have stayed loyal by still following me while i have been absent from blogging the past couple of months due to other commitments, i really truly do appreciate it and apologise for my lack of commitment to my blog and networking. I have spent the past few months dedicating my time and life to something else, in a way it was a mistake but also a learning experience for me.

I do not regret the time i dedicated or the amazing people i have met through Cambridge Style Week. I have taken on board all that i have learnt and i will definitely be more wise to what i dedicate my precious time to next time and who i help. I also know now that any work i do for anyone will have my name on it!!! I always thought i would be behind the scenes but never did i expect to do lots of work and feel like a no body and an outcast after all the work, time, and heart and soul i put into something. It's heart breaking to be a nice person and some people you trust take your work and take credit for the work you do, or when you feel unappreciated and get absolutely no recognition. Anyway after a few days sulking and talking to friends i am over it and my future is looking bright. I also have a new job so watch this space on updates about it. See everything happens for a reason. I hope you have all had a wonderful month of February? My next post of course will be my February Favourite's..
So onto the post.... I always have people telling me "I love your lashes" and then asking me "Are they Real?" Well the answer is always "Yes" they are real. Shamefully i am utterly useless at applying falsies (but hopefully my new friend Amy of All made up is going to show me) So since i am rubbish at that, i work with what i have girl! (Yes i did the neck movement right there) So it is very important that i find mascaras that accentuate my eyes without my lashes looking clumpy or too fake, naturally fake i would say. I prefer a natural, soft and sultry look to my eyes, after all they are my best feature (or at least my favorite) lol. I will admit i am actually quite a bit of a mascara junkie, if there is only one make up accessory i had to have, then it's mascara (though i would probably sneak my eyebrow pencil too ssshhhh lol) I only own 8 mascaras. Once i find the ones i like i am usually faithful to them, i mean why change something that already works well for you right?

So the history if Missy's Mascara:
I first started wearing mascara at 15 (eep now i feel old) with my liquid eyeliner and bold blue eyeshadow (yes i was that cool, see the pic here lol) for years i have actually worn the same mascara ( Bourjois Clubbing Mascara) until 2012 when i decided to experiment with some new ones. You know a mascara has to be good if i have been using it for a long long time. 

So here they are, my top 5 Favorite Mascaras (or 6 as 2 are pretty much the same) with details on how they work and why i love them, i hope you enjoy and consider investing in these to try them yourselves....

Loreal Volume Million Lashes

Wow i truly am in love with this mascara, it instantly made it into my top favorites from the moment i put the first coat on my lashes back in October. This is the first mascara in 10 years to make me put my Bourjois Mascara down!! With the name its been given its obvious that it's goal is to thicken and spread your lashes with the overall result of you having thicker fuller looking lashes. I find the formula is a good consistency in that its not too thick so it does not dry out or clump (it also smells nice). It glides onto each individual lash easily, though i have found its not worked too great on my very fine bottom lashes so i tend to use another one instead. 
I use this mascara as my daytime staple mascara, its the first one i reach for when i am wearing no make up but want my lashes to pop. It is perfect for natural looks with one coat but can also be built up with more coats to give even thicker fuller lashes. I also use this little baby as an undercoat mascara on my nights out before adding bourjois or YSL Shocking mascara over the top. This really is an all round good mascara, it's not the cheapest of the bunch but its also not the most expensive, but its is definitely a worthwhile asset to your make up collection. The wand is a slightly flimsy plastic brush which makes application easy as it bends to get around every bit of your lash, the wand is also quite thick too so it lengthens perfectly. See pic Below.

Adds Volume: Yes
Separates Lashes: Yes
Value for Money: Reasonable £10.99 here

This is only 1 coat of the Loreal Volume Million Lashes Mascara

Bourjois Volume Clubbing & Black Jack 

I chose both of these 2 as they both work the same to me, they are also the same price. The Bourjois Volume Clubbing Mascara has been my favorite mascara for the longest time, what 10 years now i believe?!  The consistency of the mascara is thick so you do find you have to be quick applying it, but it builds up amazingly for really thick and full lashes. I find these work best for my nights out, to really open my eyes up and make a statement (yes without falsies). The volume clubbing extreme black is unbelievably dark as it is enriched with intense black mineral pigments, and the black jack has tiny reflective gold particles in it. Both the brushes are thick, volumising and double sided. This mascara makes my eyelashes looking so dark, thick and volumised with just one coat. In all of my night out photos i am wearing this mascara. See Below. The only flaw to this mascara is it can dry up pretty quick.

Adds Volume: Yes
Separates Lashes: Not greatly
Value for Money: Yes both are £7.99 here and here

With just 1 coat of Bourjois volume clubbing mascara on a natural day.

YSL Shocking Mascara

This mascara is the most expensive of the bunch but boy is it worth the money. Not only is the packaging beautiful and it smells absolutely amazing, but this is like steroids for the lashes, boy oh boy!! It is very thick so you have to make sure to brush through after to separate if you want a more natural look, but this is perfect for people who want a really bold "look at me" eye or for ladies who wear falsies to blend them together definitely. Its definitely not for the shy lady who wants to look natural, you are guaranteed to be stopped and complimented with this mascara on your bad boys. The only flaw with this is that due to the thick consistency it does clump inside the tube so personally its overpriced as it would more than likely dry up before you finish it if you do not like bold lashes every day, but i do not regret buying it. This lengthens and thickens lashes, but i would not say it spreads them out/ individualizes them, but be careful applying.... make sure to apply it quickly and gently to avoid spider leg lashes as it dries very quickly. See pic below.

Adds Volume: Yes
Separates Lashes: No
Value for Money: No, it is pricey at £23.50 here

Wearing 2 coats of the YSL Shocking Mascara.

W7 Big Lash Mascara

The cheapest mascara of the bunch and perfect for a natural day time look, or at least that is what i use it for. It is very similar to the Bourjois Volume clubbing, same consistency and even the same brush, though this clumps up less. It is not as intense but it can be built up nicely to give a really full lash effect. The packaging is fun and it does not dry out quickly. The brush wand is very good at getting around the curliest of lashes and despite being a thick brush it also separates lashes. At £1.99 its a perfect base coat for a thicker more intense mascara on top.

Lengthens: Slightly Yes
Adds Volume: Yes
Separates Lashes: Yes
Value for Money: Definitely!! Bargain.

£6 or £1.99 here on Fragrance Direct

With 1 coat of W7 Big Lash Mascara, simple yet effective

Too faced LashGasm Mascara

The only one out of the bunch that does not clump at all when you keep adding more coats . The brush is so fine on this bendy comb, it spreads my lashes out very evenly as well as adding some volume and most definitely length. It does say after all "its the size off your lashes that matter". The bristles on the brush are so tiny with a mix of small and longer bristles. The formula is thick and moist but dries pretty quickly while nourishing my lashes (it does not feel crusty or hard) Its the closest to naked lashes if you ask me. The brush and formula make a perfect team together for giving very natural looking longer lashes. This is the best mascara for fine lashes, its the only one i have used that works like wonders on my very fine bottom lashes, which most mascaras struggle to do anything with apart from make look like mini spider legs lol. I Love, Love Love this, though its pricey it is definitely worth the price and the brush also works well with other mascaras too.

Adds Volume: Slightly Yes
Separates Lashes: Yes perfectly!
Value for Money: Its a bit over priced but it has alot of product in it

£16 here

A simple daytime look with 1 coat of  Too faced Lashgasm Mascara

So those are the Mascara's i find work well for me at giving me the intense sultry look i long for but can be layered to give me a more falsie look without having to commit to wearing fake eyelashes. 
My mascara routine i usually wear one mascara with 1-2 coats in the day that individualizes my lashes, lengthens and thickens slightly. Then at night time i tend to use the same daytime mascara as the first coat then as it dries i use a thicker more volumising mascara for the 2nd and sometimes 3rd coat to really give my eyes the wow factor. So now you have seen my lashes are not fake, they are actually quite thin especially on the bottom so i really love mascara to bring them out more. I just purchased the Benefit Their real mascara so i will let you know how i get on with that in a future blog post.

Have you tried any of these?
Would you be more inclined to now?

Jamey xo

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  1. loved this post. I always like to have a read of mascara reviews x

  2. the last one was the least effective in pics! but the YSL one looked the best to me - time to get one :)

  3. So in need of a new mascara thanks for sharing!

    Frances O.

  4. This is the perfect post because I'm on the hunt for a new mascara!

    I'm tempted by the W7 Big Lash Mascara, I've heard great things about it and for £2 you can't go wrong. xx

  5. I am a huge mascara whore. I love mascara, feel naked without it, I am also a fan of big full lashes and I hate falsies!

    I love the Loreal one you reviewed, its awesome and not too expensive. I dont like the YSL, it stinks - too perfumed and its really clumps on me, shame I bought that really.

    I have not tried the others - but this was a great post

    Love you!

    Grace xx

  6. I have an unopened Bourjois Volume Clubbing in my makeup bag... can't wait to try it now! x

  7. I hope you don't mind but we've just included a link to this fabulous review, on our W7 Big Lash mascara page - as you seem to say very good things about it! Oh and we're even cheaper hehehe!


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