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Now, it has been a few months since i last did a monthly favourites. I had aimed to do my yearly favourites but my health decided to throw a spanner in the works. I found myself in December and January battling one thing after another, The Flu, Viral infections and Tonsillitis. I tried to keep active on my Instagram at least. I am still not 100% myself but i have more energy than i did so am glad to be back blogging. My last favourites were back in November which you can view here and quite a few products in that are still favourites of mine. I tested out a great deal of new products in December before i got ill and throughout January i mostly concentrated on skincare items. I am excited to share the items that i have loved throughout December and January...

For a change i am going to start with Eyes. I have calmed down quite a bit when it comes to wearing eyeshadows, opting for one to two colours only, a pretty light shade on the lids and a warm shade in the crease. I found myself reaching for the Maxfactor Excess Shimmer Eyeshadow in 20 Copper ( though i'm not sure why it is called that as it looks nothing like Copper!), i consider the shade Copper to be a brassy type of warm brown with gold, this i would describe as more or a silvery taupe shade. I find these cream shadows are similar to Charlotte Tilbury's which are my favourite cream shadows on the market. They aren't quite as exquisite but they sure do come close and for £5 who can complain? It looks super pretty over the lid with a medium cool-toned matte shade in the crease. The other eyeshadows i found myself reaching for a lot were the NYX Prismatic shadows in Fireball and Bedroom Eyes. Bedroom eyes is more of a cool toned bronze and fireball is a beautiful rich orange, both shades look stunning all over the lid or ran through the crease. They are super pigmented and very long-wearing.
I went back to wearing liquid liner again the past couple of months after only pencil liner for quite some time, and have reached repeatedly for the NYC liquid liner and the Dollywink liquid liner pen. The dollywink liner pen is honestly the thinnest tip eyeliner pen i have ever used! I prefer this to my Kat VonD for precision. As i have hooded lids i don't have a lot of eye space and a real detailed liner is important to get as thin as possible to my lash line. If i make my wing too thick my hood become more obvious and my eyes close up. Over the years i have found just lining from the center of the lid outwards helps to stop my eye closing in the center as my hood ( which is actually extra skin on my eyelids ) runs from the center of my eye to the outer corner, if i place shimmer shadow too high on the inner corner or apply liner it closes my eye and drags the skin down more. It is something i am very self conscious about but i cannot help age and my eye shape so i am learning to accept it. Dollywink liners are every hooded, or small lidded girls dream. The NYC liquid liner is unbelievably black and with it's long brush tip i find it super easy to line the top of my lashes as well as create a flick.
Regarding mascara i guess i have been pretty boring again but i had to mention this mascara yet again and it's the YSL Babydoll mascara. Honestly YSL mascaras are some of my all time favourites, the only thing i hate bout them is that they dry out super quick, so when i open one i tend to want to keep using it until it's dried up, so that i don't waste my money. Babydoll helps to fan out my lashes and add length, leaving a voluminous doe-eyed effect. If you like the type of spread out lash look/falsies that Kylie Jenner wears, then you will love this mascara. Another option is the Eye of Horus Goddess Mascara which is pretty much the same thing. Now, let's talk brows; after ditching my Anastasia brow wiz for the Soap & Glory Brow Archery which i mentioned in my last favourites, I found another new love in the NYX Micro Brow Crayon. I chose the shade Espresso. Honestly i have been a huge fan of the Anastasia brow wiz for years but i will say that i find both the Soap & Glory and the NYX ones softer ( like the mac but less likely to break ) making them so easy for day to day use when i don't have so much time to faff around perfecting my brows.

Swatches L-R: Nyx Fireball - Nyx Bedroom Eyes - Maxfactor Excess Shimmer Copper - NYC Liquid Liner - Dollywink Liquid liner - NYX Micro Brow Espresso

Now to switch things up again ( i guess i am feeling a little rebellious lol ) we are going to talk about the lip products that i have been loving over the past couple of months. Now, i own a lot of lip products, definitely more than the average lady needs but in reality i mostly wear lip balm on a day to day basis. I recently picked up the Nuxe Reve De Miel Ultra Nourishing Lip Balm after being recommended it by a few of my lovely friends on Instagram. I have been using the Elizabeth Arden one for around 18 months now and though i do like it, i don't quite feel it does everything i want it to do. I have extremely sensitive and dry lips, they crack easily and irritate easily to lip products that my lips don't agree with. I find some lip balms or treatments can make my lips worse ( like the Hourglass lip oil, which made them bleed so bad ) so i have been extremely picky with what i put on them. I found myself very pleasantly surprised by the Nuxe lip balm. I find it to be nourishing and also long-wearing on the lips, the smell is so nice with a honey scent to it. If you have dry lips i would recommend you try this out, plus it's under £10 which is fantastic. Another product i have enjoyed for hydrating my lips especially during the daytime when i just want something to swipe on my lips on the go is the *Gosh Lip Oil in the shade Sea Buckthorn. If i am honest i was so nervous to try this after the reaction i had to the Hourglass one but i have not had a single bad reaction to this at all. I find it is perfect for hydrating my lips before i throw on a lip liner or lipstick or layered over top. It will be releasing in Superdrug stores worldwide soon. Another product i cannot live without before applying lipstick products is the MAC Prep + Prime Lip. It is a balm you put on your lips before lipstick ( especially matte liquid lipsticks ) to protect your lips so they don't get dried out. Just like how a primer can act as a barrier between your skin and foundation, this is a barrier between your lips and the lip product, it also helps every lip product go on super smooth.
I have been a pink lip lover this month going back to my comfort zone shades light-nudey-pinks. Some days i have worn just a lip liner with a swipe of lip gloss over top. The two lip liners i have reached for are Rimmel Eastend Snob lip liner and Charlotte Tilbury Pillowtalk Lip Cheat Liner. Both are beautiful everyday baby pinks and are super creamy, yet long-lasting. The only thing i dislike about the Rimmel one is it is too soft that, it breaks easily when i am applying to my lips; i always find myself going through the Rimmel lip crayons to quick. Over top of the liners i have loved my MAC Creme Cup Lipstick, it is my most worn and most favourite baby pink nude lipstick ever! I find it nourishing on the lips and i get around 3-4 hours wear from it. As i mentioned earlier i have either worn a lip gloss over the liner or a lip gloss over the liner and the lipstick together. The two lip glosses i have loved are the Loreal Xtreme Resist Lip gloss in 507- Resist Me which is a pretty nude gloss with gold and beige shimmer and the Loreal Cream Gloss in Protest Queen which is a pretty milky pink. Both help to make my lips look full and glossy.

Swatches L-R: Loreal 507 - Loreal 103 - Gosh Sea Buckthorn Lip Oil - Rimmel Eastend Snob - Charlotte Tilbury Pillowtalk - MAC Creme Cup

A few days after Christmas when i got an email notification from Fragrance Direct about their up to 80% off sake i picked up both the Moschino Pink Bouquet EDT and the Elizabeth Arden 5th Avenue NYC EDP. Pink bouquet is super sweet so i like to team it with the 5th Avenue which is sophisticated and almost has a slight unisex smell to it, both compliments each other beautifully for that perfect balance. Plus how adorable and sleek is the packaging?

I have really been into taking care of my skin the past few months and i have really seen an improvement and now i have a new skincare system in place. One product in particular has been a miracle product in my skincare regime the past few months is the Pai Rosehip Biogenerate Oil. I wear this about four nights a week ( when i am not using  acid toner or serum at bedtime ) and i swear my skin looks even more plump, healthy and youthful. I found my skin getting super dry and this has helped to add the hydration back into my skin, i have also noticed less uneven skin texture on my forehead and my pores looks smaller. It doesn't have a very pleasant smell, it is very natural and herb like, but the smell does dissipate and the results are worth it. Pai really are a brand i'm enjoying branching into this year and i highly recommend everyone to check them out. So expect my skincare routine on the blog shortly. After skincare before makeup i have really been into hydrating primers and the one primer i found myself constantly reaching for is the Marc Jacobs Under(Cover) Perfecting Coconut Face Primer. It feels so nourishing on the skin, hydrates my dry patches and has a nice tacky base which helps any foundation i apply over the top to stick to it. I follow afterwards with the Make Up For Ever Step 1 Smoothing Primer which has become my most reach for silicone-based smoothing primers. I never used to like silicone primers but as i have gotten older i have noticed my pores have become a bit more noticeable around my nose and lower cheek area, which can appear more noticeable when wearing some foundations, so i needed a primer to smooth everything out. As i have been loving glowy skin i have really enjoyed wearing the *BECCA Shimmering Skin Perfector in Opal, i apply it all over my cheeks before foundation and it really helps to give that radiant healthy glow to my skin. Another affordable product for adding that liquefied glow to the cheeks is the *Gosh Lumi Drops and i have mine in the shade Peach, these look simply stunning over foundation, mixed in with foundation or used underneath and are a lot more affordable than the BECCA. They remind me of the MAC Lustre drops.

I have tested out quite a few new foundations but i will say my favourite the past month has been the Giorgio Armani Luminous Silk Foundation, which is especially amazing layered with the Cover FX Total Cover Cream Foundation. I had read somewhere that this combination is what Amrezy wears and boy oh boy are they perfection together giving a flawless, full coverage finish. On days i dont want full coverage but just want to look radiant and alive, i leave the Cover FX and reach for the Lumious Silk. It gives a beautiful natural glow to the skin and doesn't make me really oily, especially if i set my t-zone with powder and my favourite powder to compliment this foundation is the Charlotte Tilbury Airbrush Flawless Finish Powder, i am in the shade medium. It does exactly what it says and leaves a flawless airbrushed look to the skin. Throughout the day i touch up once using my Rimmel stay matte powder in the t-zone and my makeup lasts all day.
I have fallen in love with a new blender sponge, a sponge more beautiful and even more softer than the Original beauty Blender and that is the Beauty Blender Pro. The little black sponge, OMG i swear i don't know how i ever lived without this sponge, it leaves my makeup utterly flawless. I literally haven't touched another sponge since getting this. Another tool i finally put to use after purchasing some time ago is the Real Techniques Sculpting Brush, i think this is going to be quite a statement but this brush is my far my favourite Real Techniques brush, it is such a multi-functional brush and amazing for working with cream and liquid formulas. I use this for applying the Marc Jacobs primer, buffing in foundation, cream contouring, cream highlighting and blending out concealer. It is simply AMAZING, honestly every makeup junkie should have one or five of these brushes in their collection. I will be buying more of these.

I have pretty much only reached for one bronzer the past couple of months and that has been the Hourglass Ambient Lighting Bronzer in Radiant Bronze Light. This bronzer gives the most beautiful luminous sun-kissed tan effect to the skin. It literally is perfection and i cannot put it down. I love how easy it blends into the skin and lasts on the skin all day. If you love a natural warmth to the skin then look no further than the Hourglass Bronzers. I have a lot of powder highlighters but i often stick to the same ones ( Rodial, Mac Soft'n'gentle, Becca Opal ) so i decided to use more in my collection and i came across an adorable handmade BeautybyNK Highlighter Duo, that i had purchased from my friend through Depop months back. Nosheen makes her own highlighter compacts using high quality pigments an sells them through Depop and Instagram, items are often made upon request. Now i will say that these highlighters are no JOKE!!! Honestly they are so, so pigmented they can be a bit too much for some people, especially if you are a girl who loves a more subtle highlight. However, i found using my fingers to apply then using a duo fibre bush to blend out that they look stunning on the skin. I found my perfect combination by mixing the 2 shades together and placing across the top of my cheekbones and down my nose. Applying anywhere else on my face i find overpowering so i tend to use my Guerlain Meterorites everywhere else. My favourite place to actually wear these highlighters which i have reached for everyday is actually in the inner corner of my eye, they look stunning and last all day! Honestly they do not budge. To help my makeup last all day i have been setting my makeup with the Pixi By Petra Makeup Fixing Mist. I love the smell and the finish of my makeup when i use this i just wish the nozzle was a bit finer so that it was a fine mist of spray rather than blotches of liquid in some areas, meaning i have to go in with my beauty blender to remove some excess spray. Despite the extra work it is actaully a really good setting spray and contains lovely ingredients like Rosewater and Green Tea, it is the only setting spray i am currently using.

Swatches L-: Hourglass - Gosh Peach - Becca Opal - BeautyByNK

Product Details:
Nyx Prismatic Eyeshadows | £5 each Boots.
Maxfactor Excess Shimmer Eyeshadows | £7.99 each Boots
NYC liquid Liner | £4.49 eBay
Dollywink Liquid Liner Pen | £9.50 eBay
Nyx Micro Brow Crayon | £7 Boots.
YSL Babydoll mascara | £25 Boots

Nuxe Reve De Miel Ultra Nourishing Lip Balm | £9.50 Space NK
*Gosh Lip Oil - Sea Buckthorn | Being Released for Gosh S/S16 collection for £7.49 each.
MAC Prep + Prime Lip | £13.50 MAC
Mac Creme Cup lipstick | £15.50 MAC
Rimmel Eastend Snob lipliner | £3.99 Superdrug
Charlotte Tilbury Lip Cheat | £16 Charlotte Tilbury
Loreal Cream Lipgloss | £6.99 each Superdrug
Loreal Xtreme Resist Lipgloss | £6.99 Superdrug

Pai Rosehip Biogenerate Oil | £22 Pai
Marc Jacobs Under(Cover) Perfecting Coconut Face Primer | £30 Harrods
Make Up For Ever Step 1 Equaliser Primer | £13-24 Debenhams
*BECCA Shimmering Skin Perfector in Opal | £34 Cult Beauty
*Gosh Lumi Drops | Being Released for Gosh S/S16 collection for £7.99 each.
Giorgio Armani Luminous Silk Foundation | £37 Selfridges
 Cover FX Total Cover Cream Foundation | £35 Beauty Bay
Charlotte Tilbury Airbrush Powder | £33 Charlotte Tilbury
Beauty Blender Pro | £16 Cult Beauty
Real Techniques Sculpting Brush | £9.99 Boots
Hourglass Ambient Lighting Bronzer in Radiant Bronze Light | £42 Space NK
Beauty by NK Highlighter duo | Prices upon Request BeautybyNK
Pixi By Petra Makeup Fixing Mist | £16 Cult Beauty

Moschino Pink Bouquet EDT | Superdrug
Elizabeth Arden 5th Avenue NYC EDP | Amazon

So that was it for the products i have been loving over the past couple of months. I know it's not a lot for over 2 months, but i was actually sick a lot, and wasn't just going to throw items in i wore only once or twice. So what products did you love throughout January?

Thanks for Reading Lovelies

Jamey xo

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