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It shall come as no surprise to many of you that i am quite the skincare addict and i don't plan on going to rehab. I just intend to help my obsession by testing out every skincare product humanly possible lol (or what my skin will allow me to lol). At the moment i have a lot of moisturisers and serums on my radar, even though in reality i know i don't need anymore. When i first started out in skincare in my early twenties it was French pharmacy brands that i gravitated towards, now i am blessed to try skincare products from all over the world but french skincare brands will always have a special place in my heart. So i thought i would share with you some of the French skincare products I'm lusting after and why......

L'Occitane Precious Light Cream SPF20 | £52 | I am already a fan of the L'Occitane Precious Cleansing Foam and Mist (both of which i have used up), so after exploring every Face cream L´Occitane had to offer i immediately gravitated towards this. I love that its lightweight which makes it ideal for my oily combination skin, and that it has an spf of 20. Its incredibly hard to find top-quality moisturisers that contain spf that are lightweight and won't congest my skin. Most also leave a white cast and aren't hydrating enough under makeup. I've had a sample of the original Precious Cream and really enjoyed it during the winter months, so this lighter version would be perfect for the warmer months both for day and night.

L'Occitane Angelica UV Shield SPF 40 | £30 | Before exploring the moisturisers page i had never heard of this L'Occitane line, now i find myself wanting all the products in the entire range. Sunscreen is incredibly important for anti-ageing and taking good care of your skin. I struggle to find a lightweight sunscreen that doesn't feel greasy or make me oily after a few hours, and i have found that a lot of the Asian gel-based sunscreens contain a lot of alcohol and actually irritate my skin. I like that this appears to be a cross between a sunscreen and milky serum, being thin in texture, lightweight and silky smooth. I would assume this would be great for layering due to its light texture and will act as a smooth base under foundation. Over time it promises to help make your skin look plump, healthy and full of life. What more could you want?....Get in my basket now!

L'Occitane Angelica Hydra Vital Gel | £30 | I love Gel moisturisers, especially in the warmer months as they are nice and cooling and incredibly hydrating. My favourite to date is this one but the ingredients in this Angelica Hydra Vital Gel has me lusting after it so bad! I'm pretty much on a mission to try every watery based, gel moisturiser out there on the market. This unique textured moisturiser aims to revitalise and refresh dull dehydrated skin and provide intense hydration for 24 hours. This would be the perfect day time moisturiser for when i lean more oily in the warmer months, but it will also be great for layering in the winter. Overall it just sounds like a great lightweight moisturiser for anyone with dehydrated skin who needs an extra boost of hydration.

L'Occitane Immortelle Brightening Essence | £55 |  I Love essences and really enjoy layering them at night, for a good 2 years now this one has been my favourite, so i do find that i compare every essence i try to it. The L'Occitane Immortelle Essence claims to help even out skin tone and illuminate the complexion, with a derivative of vitamin C to help brighten. After just seven days of consistent use you should be able to see a more luminous and healthy looking complexion. It also naturally exfoliates and helps to smooth the skin, helping reduce the look of fine lines and wrinkles. I'm hooked, expect to this this in my skincare routines very soon.

L'Occitane Precious Night Cream | £54 | This just sounds like rich decadence. Of course i love the scent of the entire Precious line so i know i will also enjoy this. When it comes to nighttime moisturisers i am incredibly picky when it comes to their scent. I dislike strong synthetic fragrance and any irritating essential oils. So it can be challenging to find a cream that works. At night time my entire pillowcase becomes infused with the scent of whatever products i have on my skin, so i prefer it to be something i can stomach and is also relaxing that i enjoy the pleasant scent of. It's not as bad in the daytime as unfavourable scents can be masked by foundation, powder etc. The precious night cream claims to help with skin regeneration, visibly correct deep wrinkles (which i don't have yet, sorry) and improve the skins firmness. I've seen a few reviews from other oily girls saying this worked really well for them, so i am excited to try out. It just sounds like a deeply nourishing moisturiser that will help plump up my skin and leave me glowing come morning that i could use all year round.

Ekia Radiance Cleansing Water | £18.99 | A natural and organic micellar water aimed at those with combination skin. I have extremely sensitive eyes and even though micellar waters like Bioderma help to remove my makeup, i found them to be drying under my eyes over time, so i stopped using them. I then switched over to natural, organic and basic ingredient oil makeup-remover cleansers, but i continued to use this micellar water, which i thoroughly enjoy. Now this Ekia cleansing water is on my radar to try out next. Also did you notice that extra word i love....Radiance? It promises to effectively eliminate all impurities and leaves the dermis clean, smooth and radiant. I cannot wait to try.

Caudalie VineActiv Overnight Detox Oil | £30 | An anti-ageing repairing oil full of antioxidants and omegas that helps to speed up cell recovery. I aim to mix this with the Vinosource oil below for a night time treatment. I like that it's high in Vitamin E and always contains carrot seed oil which i find really beneficial for helping to reduce pigmentation. The oil formula promises to help detox the skin and increase collagen production to give the skin it's ‘bounce’ back. 

Caudalie Vinosource Night Recovery Oil | £26 | Another caudalie oil, this one is a recovery night oil that helps to deeply moisturise, nourish and replenish dehydrated skin overnight. It promises to help encourage youthful, plump and radiant skin. I plan to use this as a booster to cocktail with other oils, serums and moisturisers to get that extra hydration. 

Absolution La Creme Gommante | £25 | This peeling treatment is described as a gentle work out for your skin. It works as both a chemical and physical exfoliator. The physical exfoliating element comes from the rounded micro-algae diatoms which gently slough off dead skin cells without causing any damage to the skin. Or to the environment. Blueberry, Lemon, Orange, Sugar Cane and Maple create this gentle AHA exfoliation, which helps to stimulate the skin and brighten the complexion. Promising to leave the skin smooth, and glowing in one easy step. I am hoping that this will be an alternative to this which i love, but this is of course much more affordable and easier to get hold of. 

Sisley Radiant Glow Express Mask | £77 | Any product that promises to help make my skin glow just reels me in like a fish on a line. As someone who doesn't get much sleep, and feels constantly tired it can take its toll on my skin, so brightening skincare products are incredibly important to me. This is a red clay mask mixed with Carrot, Red Vine, Rosehip, Rosemary and Chamomile that helps to deeply clean the skin eliminating impurities that can dull the complexion.

Sisley Cleansing Milk with Sage | £69 | A delicate yet pricey cream cleanser. Maree of alittlebitetc always raves about how good Sisley cleansers and masks are, so this cleanser formulated for combination/oily skin has been on my radar for quite some time. It promises to help deeply cleanse, tone and purify the skin helping with excess sebum production. I find cream cleansers hit or miss, so i am definitely going to try to get a sample of this next time i am in London.

What French Skincare products do you love?
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