Here you will find my Most Frequently asked Questions....

1. Where are you from and what’s your ethnicity?
I am half American, a quarter British and a quarter Australian. The majority of my family lives in England and America. I was raised in both the USA and UK, as my Father was United States Air Force ( RIP Dad ). I moved back to the UK 9 Years ago where i worked hard to get my British accent back! As for my ethnicity?... I get asked this a lot. Most people assume I am of Hispanic decent. I'm nothing that exotic. I am however a mixture of Caucasian, African/American and Native American, with some Puerto Rican and Eastern Asian Decent. I definitely intend to do a DNA Genealogy test to find out more. I also have a French Surname lol.

2. How old are you?
I am 32 years old. Though I often get told I look much younger than my age. I must be doing something right with my skincare then lol.

3. How did you get into blogging?
I started off years back blogging about Lifestyle and Domestic Violence & Sexual Assault ( which landed me my Support Work Job ). I then discovered a passion for beauty and started blogging about beauty products December 2014.

4. How many children do you have?
I have 4 children! Two daughters 12 & 9 from my Ex USAF husband and a 6 year old son & 2 year old daughter from another relationship. I am now a single mom by choice and enjoy raising all 4 single handily.

5. What made you decide to go more Beauty Conscious?
I have always tried to stop and think where everything i has come from, how it is made and produced. Though i have a few non cruelty free brands, most of my collection is either cruelty free, as well as lots of natural and organic brands. After a breast cancer health scare in 2015 I started researching into deodorants, opting for natural deodorants and I soon realised the amount of chemicals that are poured into our everyday products, as well as which large companies test on poor animals. I try to be the best Christian i can be, I have a big heart and want to help make the world a better place, especially for my children.

6. What Beauty Products can't you Live Without?
Hair Conditioner, Face Cleansers, Face Serums, Korean Sheet Masks, Concealer and a top quality Brow Pencil.

7. What is your skin type and tone?
I have Combination-Oily skin, that gets easily congested and suffers with breakouts. You can find out more about my skin here. I naturally have a face full of freckles which I love to embrace. My skin-tone is light to medium with a yellow undertone, though i do find more neutral toned foundations suit me better.
Foundation shades I am in are:
MAC NC25 ( winter ) to NC30 ( summer )
Bobbi Brown 3.5 ( winter ) to 4 ( summer )
Chanel No.30 ( summer )
Giorgio Armani 5 - 5.5 ( winter ) to 6 ( summer )
YSL - B30 ( winter ) to B40 ( summer )
Nars Celyan ( winter ) to Punjab ( summer )
CoverFX N30 or G30 ( winter ) to N35 or G40 ( summer)
Charlotte Tilbury 5 & 6
Loreal 3D/3W ( summer )
Dior 021 ( winter )

8. What’s your favourite foundation?
My Longest loved foundations are the Diorskin Star foundation and Nars Sheer Glow. However I am always testing new products and you can see 'Top Favourite Foundations' blog posts here

9. Do you have or plan to start a youtube channel?
I am still undecided. I just tend to express myself better through words, I find I am more confident that way as i love writing. I get shy on camera even if I am just by myself ( don't even get me stated on friends vlogs - eeeekkkk lol ). 

10. What size clothes do you wear? and how tall are you?
I currently wear a UK size 12-14. However 2016 i started working out and am aiming to get back to a small  size12. As for clothing I struggle finding clothes to fit my long torso and 36E Chest. *sigh. Some of my favourite clothing stores are M&S, New Look, H&M, Lipsy, Dorothy Perkins and Topshop. I'm am also 5.6 and a half in height. Yes every half inch counts lol.

11. What do you do for work?
I work part time supporting vulnerable women, and i also train teaching domestic violence awareness courses ( known as Freedom Courses ). I get to enjoy staying at home with my 2 year old daughter and blog in my spare time. Once my youngest daughter is in school full time, I want to work in PR and still teach freedom courses.  

12. Do you do blogpost requests and collabs?
Yes I do both. If you feel you have content that will fit my blog please find my contact information here.

Feel free to get to know a bit more about me here

Any other questions, drop me an e-mail at jameylynnloves@my.com

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